Digital Innovation Hub

Netith (Network Innovation Technology Hub) is the result of Di Bella’s twenty-years of experience in his managerial group. They launched an investment plan in the ICT sector and opened a Digital Innovation Hub with the objective of proposing a tailored offer, aimed at giving Clients priority, through advanced “Customer Experience” solutions.

Franz Di Bella
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Franz boasts twenty-years of experience as directorgeneral coordinator and business manager. He is the co-founder of Di Bella Group, started in the ‘90s and still active in the real estate building market. After years of managerial success, he has decided to invest in the world of Information Technology, founding the new technological center: Netith.
Salvo Di Bella
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Salvo, co-founder of Di Bella Group, has been involved, for twenty years, in complex business management processes with particular reference to the area of administration and facility management. He shares with Franz Di Bella the same managerial path and today he is, with him, co-founder of Netith.
Enrico Vivio
Enrico VivioGeneral Director
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Enrico boasts over twenty years of experience in the area of CRM and BPO as he has dealt with executive management both nationally and internationally, working for some important multinational market leader companies. To name his last professional experiences, he was Italian Country Manager (Public Market) and Tunisia Managing Director for one of the world CRM leaders. He graduated from the faculty of Economy and Commerce at the University of L’Aquila and after that, he obtained a Master Degree in Business Administration at CUOIA Foundation in Altavilla Vicentina (VI).